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Know Your Beef: 5 Types of Steaks You Can Order at a Steakhouse

Ordering a steak at a steak restaurant in Abu Dhabi isn’t exactly rocket science; you simply choose a cut that you have always preferred.

However, there is nothing wrong with trying out other cuts especially if you haven’t sampled all the types of steak cuts yet. Knowing the different beef cuts served in restaurants and how they are best enjoyed will allow you to get the most out of your steak dinner, so don’t be afraid to try the others out.

Here’s an overview of the most popular types of steaks you can find in the menus of the most popular steakhouses:

1. Porterhouse

The porterhouse is often regarded as the “king” of steaks since it is two steaks in one. It is actually a bigger version of the T-bone.

When you order a porterhouse, you get two cuts of steak — a New York strip and a filet mignon — separated by a T-shaped bone in the middle.

Compared to other cuts, the porterhouse is thicker and has much more of the tenderloin near the beef loin portion. It is best enjoyed when grilled since its fat content is medium. However, it can also be broiled and pan-fried.

2. T-bone

The T-bone is named after its T-shaped bone. This bone separates the filet mignon and strip steak.

Many people find it hard to differentiate the T-bone cut from the porterhouse since both have a T-shaped bone in the middle. However, when compared to the porterhouse, the T-bone has a smaller portion of the filet mignon side.

A T-bone is also best grilled or broiled to a medium rare temperature setting.

3. Filet mignon

Also known as the tenderloin, the filet mignon is the most high-end, softest cut of beef. It is the most expensive steak as well.

Although the filet mignon is tender and has a buttery texture, its fat content is low. Because of this, it is a recommended option for those watching their weight or fat consumption. It has a milder beefy taste when compared to other types of steaks, too.

A filet mignon can be cooked in a variety of ways including grilling and pan-roasting. It is best enjoyed medium rare.

4. Ribeye

The ribeye is, hands down, the finest all-around beef cut. It is a fine-grained and rich steak with high fat content. According to steak connoisseurs, the ribeye is the most flavorful of all beef cuts.

You can order this steak boneless or with the rib bone still attached. With the bone attached to the steak, the crispy fat makes the meat more tender and succulent.

A ribeye is typically more expensive than a strip steak but cheaper than a filet mignon. It can be ordered grilled, pan-seared, or broiled. The ribeye is also one of the meat cuts that can be eaten well-done if you are not a big fan of red meat.

5. New York strip

The New York strip is a staple at any good steakhouse. It is a favorite of most steak connoisseurs as well.

This type of steak is tender, flavorful, and has a superb amount of marbling. However, it has bit more chew (meaning it is less tender) to it than a filet mignon. Because of this, it is a more affordable cut of meat.

The New York strip steak is often served grilled.

Additional Steak Ordering Tips

  • Choose a steakhouse that serves premium grade cuts

    If you want to be sure you will order a succulent, flavorful steak, reserve a table at a steakhouse that serves USDA prime cuts. These are beef cuts that have excellent marbling and, hence, make for really juicy and tender steaks.

  • Find out if the steak is rested before and after it is cooked

    All chefs know the importance of letting a steak rest after it is cooked. This ensures the meat stays juicy and tender. However, seasoned chefs also let the meat rest a bit before they cook it. This prevents the steak from becoming puffy and losing some of its natural flavors.

  • Taste the steak first before adding any sauce

    A premium grade, well-cooked steak doesn’t need to be smothered with sauce or gravy to taste incredible.

    But if you want to try a sauce on the steakhouse menu that is made from scratch by the restaurant chef, do so. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different flavors.

  • Have the steak cooked to your liking

    In general, medium rare is the ideal level of doneness for any type of steak.

    This is because a medium rare steak has a warm and red center while the outside is brown and well-done — the combination of which makes for a succulent and tasty meat.

    But if you want to order your steak well-done, do so. You should always order your steak the way you like it. After all, you will only enjoy your steak dinner if your meat is cooked according to your taste.

Knowing about the different types of steaks and these tips on how you can best enjoy them will allow you to get the most from your steak dinner. By applying this knowledge, you can be sure all your steak dinners will be dining experiences you won’t regret splurging on.

If you’re in the UAE, don’t miss out on the most succulent steaks in the capital.

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