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How to Choose the Best Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi

Not too many people are aware that Abu Dhabi is a paradise for gastronomes. The capital of the UAE is home to some of the best restaurants in the country, and even in all of the Middle East. Top international chefs have set up shop here, as well as up and coming names in the food industry targeting the diverse population of this city.

So, if you ever find yourself in Abu Dhabi and are in the mood for a food adventure, you will not be disappointed. And if you are on a hunt for the most delectable steak, the many steakhouses to choose from may be overwhelming. To help you choose the best steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, here are some tips for you to follow.

1. Look for online reviews and ratings

There are numerous online sites that you can visit to get some information on the top steakhouses in the city. Here you will learn about the experiences of previous diners and get a good idea of the kind of service you will be given and the quality of the food served.

2. Visit the restaurant website

Most popular dining establishments already have an official website. Here, you can see the full menu of the restaurant, opening hours, reservation options, and even get to read about the way they ensure the quality of all their offerings.

Here at BOA, for example, we share vital information about the beef we serve. We provide the details about where the meat we serve is sourced as well as how all of our steaks are chosen by our highly trained chefs and prepared to satisfy restaurant patrons and diners.

3. View their menu

Give the steakhouse menu an inspection. This should be easy to do now that a lot of restaurants share their menus online because of their food delivery and special catering services.

It goes without saying that a premier steakhouse should be able to offer a vast selection of steak dishes. But it should also be able to provide a good range of appetizers, sides, other entrees, and drinks that can compliment diners’ steak experience.

Eating steak should be a full-bodied experience, so, make sure to check a steakhouse’s menu to see if it will be able to provide such a satisfying experience.

4. Check if the prices fit your budget

Even if you have every intention of splurging on a steak, you still want to make sure that you will not go beyond the amount you have set for it. At the same time, to get the most out of eating your favorite steak, there must be room in your budget for the other elements that can contribute to the experience such as the salad, appetizers, dessert, etc.

5. Assess feedback on the staff and service

The best way to score information on the staff of the restaurant is by checking out review sites and even the restaurant’s own website.

You know you have a good steakhouse if feedback includes compliments about the restaurant staff, especially with regard to their expertise/knowledge, and prompt, courteous and warm service.

We, at BOA Steakhouse, are always praised for our professional staff and hospitality. This is because we educate and train all the members of our team on how to provide amazing service. Our staff can expertly answer queries about how we prepare our dining fare as well as provide even the most trivial details about our offerings.

Not only that, since we are fully committed to providing our diners the best steak experience, our servers are trained to recommend the best complimentary add-ons. ‘Want to know the best beverage to pair with your order? Just ask any of our staff for a recommendation and we assure you that your taste buds will love it.

If a steakhouse has friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff, you know you are at a high quality dining establishment.

6. Get a feel of the restaurant design

The style and feel of a steakhouse (or any restaurant for that matter) have an enormous effect on people’s dining experience. If the establishment is designed beautifully and comfortably, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your food more. Perhaps you may be even more open to trying other dishes on the menu when the ambiance truly pleases you.

7. Have a taste… yourself!

Obviously, there is no better way of determining and appreciating the taste of food than by actually eating it.

Talented food reviewers can give you an idea of how the dishes on a restaurant menu taste like, but no matter how detailed their reviews may be, you will still need to head to the restaurant and sample the different offerings yourself to see if the food satisfies your palate.

If everything is prepared well and tastes superb, it is quite likely that you have already found the best steakhouse in the city. However, if the food leaves your taste buds unimpressed, at least you already know that there is one steakhouse you should just tick off your list.

Happy steakhouse hunting!

With all these tips to follow when looking for the best steakhouse to treat yourself to a grilled-just-right, juicy, tasty steak, getting to the restaurant of your dreams should be a breeze.

And if you have a real hankering for the best steak in Abu Dhabi, come to BOA Steakhouse. We score high in all the criteria that determine a topnotch dining establishment specializing in steaks. Rave reviews and our large loyal clientele are proof that we do steaks right.

Bon appétit!