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5 Must-Try Menu Items at the Best Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi

There’s no doubt about it. If you have strong cravings for steak, you only go to the best steakhouse in Abu Dhabi. At BOA Steakhouse, you have a whole selection of the choicest cuts of steaks cooked according to the demands of your discerning palate.

Of course, for an extraordinary dining experience, you’ll want to sample a variety of equally satisfying offerings that are sure to complement the steaks (AKA the stars of the show).

So what else should you get from our extensive menu?

A Medley of Menu Options

Your heart will definitely sing as you feast your eyes on the carefully curated menu prepared by our executive chef David Contreras. Inspired by global gustatory delights and the exquisite culinary choices of the locals, each entry is thoughtfully created to deliver delectable dishes that sate sophisticated appetites. From the amazing array of hot and cold appetizers down to the thirst-quenching beverages, each item is there to make your dining experience as memorable as possible.

What other food choices that can elevate your enjoyment of the different types of steaks we prepare each day? Here are the dishes you certainly shouldn’t miss.

1. Awe-inspiring Appetizers

Your epicurean journey is a delight right from the start.

Choose from a variety of hot or cold appetizers that signal the start of a fulfilling meal. For those who prefer the cold appetizers, the Burrata and Heirloom Tomato is an excellent choice. The refreshing combination of balsamic pearls, chive essence, fresh basil, gazpacho, olive oil, and parmesan tuille beautifully tease the taste buds.

One shouldn’t miss the 63-degree yolk steak tartare either. Enjoy a perfect sous vide egg on a gorgeous mound of ground beef. The constant 63-degree temperature of the water bath turns both the egg white and yolk into perfect dollops of deliciousness.

For aficionados of hot appetizers, the pan-seared Hokkaido Scallops, Goat Cheese Baklava, and Foie Gras are sure to appease the most astute appetites.

2. Satisfying Soups

Spoonfuls of sumptuous soup servings can also be had at BOA steakhouse.

The French Onion Soup, for example, coats the tongue with the richness of the beef broth heightened by the distinct sugary sweetness of the caramelized onions. The Lobster Bisque, on the other hand, is a creamy and smooth concoction punctuated with crustacean aioli and delicate morsels of lobster and shrimp.

3. Scrumptious Seafood

There is a reason behind the popular surf and turf combination as both seafood and meat usually bring together a fusion of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. At BOA Steakhouse, both unique and signature cuts of steak can be paired with the freshest catch from the sea.

If you have a particular fondness for lobsters, the Grilled Main Lobster or the Lobster Thermidor will not disappoint. If you fancy fish, then there’s the Grilled Lochfyne Salmon served with braised truffle leeks and toasted hazelnuts. BOA’s Black Cod served with tomato and seafood pot-au-feu and sautéed kale is also another seafood delight.

Our Grilled King Prawns is another dish that you shouldn’t miss. Succulent Atlantic prawns swim in savory lemon butter sauce and give you that flavorful zest with every bite.

4. Star Specialties

We are fortunate to have earned the trust and loyalty of countless food enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi. Your continued patronage of our dishes spurs us to do better with every plate that comes out of our kitchen, such that we have come to identify signature items in our menu, aside from our steaks, that have become BOA specialties.

The Smoked Short Ribs, for example, have garnered a cult following. The smoky goodness enhanced by our unique BBQ blend delivers forkfuls of bliss. Corn on the cob and a healthy serving of salad perfectly complement tender cuts of pork.

Our Whole Roasted Sea Bass is also a favorite. The delightful mix of herbs, spices, and tangy lemon in the chermoula sauce plus the dill potatoes make it a hearty dish that offers an ocean of pleasure.

Another dish with its fair share of fans is the BOA Wagyu Burger. Sink your teeth into the juicy Wagyu beef patty partnered with pulled short rib meat and scrumptious bacon. Drizzled with BBQ sauce, the mouthwatering burger also comes with tomato smoked cheddar, fried homemade pickles, crispy shallots, and lettuce. Topped with a fried egg, this burger is lip-smacking creation that fills the stomach and warms the heart.

5. Mouthwatering Meats

We may be a steakhouse, but our passion for meats does not stop there. BOA steakhouse also offers a variety of meats such as our Salt Bush Lamb Rack. The colorful combination of roasted purple potatoes, confit tomato, and green beans accentuates the luscious flavor of the lamb.

Our BOA Veal Chop is a tender slice of absolute goodness, oozing with the juicy tang of veal jus and paired with the clean flavor of romanesco as well as the creamy combination of the potato and chestnut hash.

More than Steaks

The whole BOA Steakhouse experience is designed with you in mind. While we have accomplished the adoration of food fanatics around the world, we remain true to our passion of serving food that allows you to appreciate life even more. Through our dishes, we offer you the opportunity to savor the simple joys of living.

More than our top-quality steaks, we also take pride in other items on our menu. It is our desire to offer you choices that will make every visit a rewarding one. Along with our dedicated attention to you, our restaurant’s interior and general atmosphere also offer a cocoon of calm so you can enjoy your meal in complete relaxation.

If you desire to fill your bellies while also feeding joy to your heart, please come and discover the difference that BOA brings to the steakhouse experience. Come discover all the excellent flavors we have to offer.