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How to Choose a Restaurant for Your Private Event

A birthday party. A wedding. A company victory party.

These are all private events that require exceptional venues. The typical options for venues include hotel ballrooms, multipurpose community halls, and restaurants. Among these choices, people find restaurants to be the best venues because:

  • Food is available right away.
  • There are servers.
  • These establishments come with their own comfort facilities.
  • They are usually stylish.
  • They offer party packages or private event deals.
  • There's usually enough parking space.
  • They can create a more intimate setting.

However, it's important to note that not all restaurants can provide high-quality services to meet discriminating client requirements. Therefore, it's helpful to know the essential criteria for finding the best restaurant for your private event. We have listed some of them below.

1. Location

Before anything else, establish the location for the event. As much as possible, choose one that is accessible to everyone on your guest list.

This doesn't mean that you should limit your options to restaurants located in the city center. You can extend your choices to those that may be a bit out of the way (because they are out of traffic's way) but are actually easy to get to via public transportation.

2. Size of the space

Perform an ocular inspection of the restaurant to see if it's just the right size for your event, after establishing the number of guests that you will be having. If the restaurant seems a little small, check out if there's enough outdoor space that it can open to.

Making sure that the restaurant can comfortably accommodate all your guests is one key to ensuring a successful gathering.

3. Comfort facilities

It's not enough that the restaurant is big enough for your party; do check out the comfort facilities, as well. Are there enough cubicles in the restrooms, or is there just one restroom for men and women?

An event where food and drinks are expected to be served requires adequate comfort facilities. Otherwise, you will be dealing with a lot of guests that are about to lose their patience and sense of humor queuing by the restrooms.

4. Ambiance

Get a feel of the restaurant to see if it can contribute to the feel you want to create for your private event. Of course, you can request for decor to be placed for the affair, but think more about the kind of people you have on your guest list. The restaurant's ambiance should make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you will be having young people for a party, a small dining establishment that's hip is often good enough. However, if the social gathering is for executives who will mostly be talking about business and networking, you will need a restaurant with a more classic and sophisticated ambiance.

5. Menu

Naturally, you want the menu to be much-raved about. Nothing can ruin the reputation of a private event more than bad-tasting food. So, if you wish to feed your guests steak, make sure that the restaurant you choose specializes in steak and doesn’t just have it as one of the many options.

Food is one of the most reliable ways of creating a good impression. Even poorly coordinated events can manage to save face if the food served was superb. So, sample the menu to see if the food will satisfy guests gastronomically.

6. Rates

Stay true to your budget and opt for the restaurants that can offer you services within your established budget. Here's the thing though, even fancy and popular dining establishments can be quite budget-friendly as long as you know how to negotiate and take advantage of promos and deals.

Therefore, set an appointment with your top choices of restaurants and see how well they can accommodate the budget you have set. The best restaurants are known to work something out despite constraints. So, sit down and discuss your event thoroughly with the restaurant manager and get a solid idea of what the place can do for your event.

7. Customization

See if the restaurant is open to customizing the menu, as well as the individual dishes to better suit the taste and unique requirements of the guests. If you can find a restaurant that is thoroughly committed to serving guests the best way possible by taking into consideration special requests, you may already have for your event a winner.

8. Quality Service

Observe the way services are carried out by the restaurant. Are the servers courteous and friendly? Is the staff easy to talk to and helpful? Is the restaurant all about providing solutions?

The way services are carried out will make organizing the event a more seamless process.

So, these are our best tips for choosing a fantastic restaurant that can successfully cater to the requirements of an important private event. As the best steak restaurant in Abu Dhabi, we've had more than our fair share of private events, and we continue to be in demand for all kinds of private celebrations.

If you are looking for an ideal venue for, say, a company party, a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or even a press conference, make BOA Steakhouse your number one choice.