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Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy a Weekly Brunch in Abu Dhabi

The countless hours you spend working in the office, the daily responsibilities you have to uphold for your family, plus, all of the other things that require your attention, time and energy — these can leave you feeling tired, physically and mentally depleted.

Although you may feel a sense of achievement in staying on top of all these responsibilities, you may find yourself longing for pockets of time wherein you can just kick back, not think about those things, and just focus on what can make you happy.

When you do find yourself in such a condition, practice self-care. This is not just about taking long, hot baths and treating yourself to massages.

Self-care is doing things that bring you joy at the pace that is most comfortable or convenient for you — such as a weekly brunch. This amalgamation of breakfast and lunch is a fantastic treat due to these two main reasons:

  • You do not have to wake up early for it. You can sleep in until you are fully rested to have this meal.
  • The meal can last for as long as you want.

Those two main reasons are not the only drivers for people who love to brunch. It was pointed out in a Buzzfeed feature that brunch is that perfect weekend moment. It offers a special opportunity to look fresh and presentable and to come together with the people you like over food in a laidback and unhurried atmosphere.

In Abu Dhabi, weekly brunches are quite popular. Young and old, families and singles, men and women can fully take advantage of this special meal in the capital because, if there are cities that have mastered the art of brunching, Abu Dhabi is definitely one of them.

What Makes Brunching in Abu Dhabi Special?

Here are the five reasons that make weekly brunches in Abu Dhabi especially wonderful.

1. Brunch in Abu Dhabi is not limited by the traditional definition.

The schedule for Abu Dhabi brunches is not limited to the typical definition of brunch, which is a meal from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

We, at BOA Steakhouse, for example, know that a lot of urban professionals like to sleep in until noon on their days off from work. Thus, we offer our Friday and Saturday brunches from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some say the meal should already be called “lunner” (lunch and dinner) but we prefer to still call it brunch because it’s still the first meal of the day for some diners.

2. Brunch packages come at an affordable price.

Brunching in Abu Dhabi can be quite affordable despite the excellent selection of food and drinks you get. Therefore, if brunch is a meal that you, family and friends like to gather for as often as possible, none of you has to worry too much about the cost because there are budget-friendly brunch packages to choose from.

3. Most brunch locations are fun and fancy.

If you like to people watch or take the time to observe your surroundings while enjoying your favorite continental brunch, you can easily do so at most places that serve brunch. At BOA Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, we have an outdoor dining area that opens up to the gorgeous view of the Eastern Mangroves Promenade.

You can watch the little boats that cruise the water, the people who enjoy walking around the promenade, and the hustle and bustle of the area. Our guests love to just lounge around here because every table has an umbrella for shade, and we offer plush seating.

4. The variety of menu items is impressive.

There is no shortage of options. You can have what you normally have for breakfast such as pancakes, waffles, sausages, and eggs, but also select from the main entrees of a steakhouse menu such as Angus striploin, dry-aged ribeye, veal chops, grilled prawns, lobster thermidor, and others. You can even have sushi and spaghetti if you want.

As for drinks, there are a lot to choose from as well. You can enjoy coffee, morning teas, hot cocoa, milk, freshly-made juice, sparkling cider, and popular brunch beverages. Needless to say, if you want to become gastronomically adventurous for a meal, brunch offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

5. There are special brunches for special occasions.

Brunch is just as lovely a meal as a dinner to celebrate special occasions. In fact, a lot of hotels, restaurants and cafés that offer brunch design a unique menu or brunch packages intended for such occasions.

So, if you want to celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day at a brunch destination, it is highly likely that there will be a brunch special for the occasion to make it more festive for the celebrators. All you have to do is to keep your eyes peeled for brunch specials to take advantage of such provisions.

Brunch at BOA Steakhouse

BOA Steakhouse is one of the top brunch destinations in the UAE capital.

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to relax and have a good time after a stressful week, we are the perfect place to visit.

At BOA, you will discover what makes weekend brunching in Abu Dhabi truly an experience worth having.

Just come on over or call our reservation number (+971 2 641 1500) to book a table.