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5 Tips for Enjoying a Healthy and Hearty Meal at a Steakhouse

More and more people are becoming quite health conscious, and they are exploring different ways to get in the best shape of their life and feel great. But despite the new fitness strategies that are always popping up, health professionals continue to advocate the importance of a healthy diet.

The problem with dieting is that most people do not really know how to go about it in a way that would be optimally beneficial to their health. They think that it is merely about getting rid of notoriously high-calorie ingredients or dishes such as medium-well steaks at their favorite restaurant and sweet treats — basically everything that makes eating a pleasurable experience.

Health and medical professionals say that a proper diet is not about deprivation. It is focused on knowing the things that you are specifically not supposed to eat based on your current health status. At the same time, it is about making sure that you are eating what your body needs in the right amount. It is okay to have this and that, but always in moderation.

Therefore, do not give up family dinners with us at Boa Steakhouse so quickly.

Health experts have spoken; a proper diet is about control. Do not deprive yourself of anything delicious, rather, learn how to manage your consumption. Besides, our steakhouse menu selection is quite diverse. You can easily create a balanced and gastronomically satisfying meal at Boa.

To help you do this more easily, here are our best tips on how to enjoy a healthy meal at our steakhouse:

1. Opt for lean meat

Watching your heart and your waistline? You do not have to pass up that juicy steak when you come to Boa. We have a selection of meats for steak and it includes a lot of lean options — meaning low amounts of fat but with a lot of muscle.

You probably have heard people complain that lean steak is no good because it is tough and rubbery without that gorgeous marbling of fat. This is the kind of steak you will get from a place that does not know the right preparation for lean meats.

Good thing is, we, at Boa Steakhouse, are the meat experts. We do lean steaks like flank, round, sirloin, and strip expertly, and you can be sure that our lean steak options are always prepared perfectly for your complete delight. They are not going to be dry and a challenge to chew at all.

We would also like to mention that we only use top-grade, grass-fed meats, which are more nutritious than what you would find in other places that serve steak.

2. Do without the sauces

Most of the time, sauces up the fat content of a steak meal. Gravy and barbecue sauce are loaded with calories.

Here’s the thing, an expertly prepared steak is seasoned well and does not really need gravy and other sauces — it tastes delicious on its own.

3. Load up on veggies

Meat and fresh vegetables are a match made in healthy heaven. It is going to be just as filling even if the side to the meat is devoid of simple sugars. If you really love meat, a little compromise with the side (although creamy mashed potatoes are truly yummy) would never feel like a sacrifice.

If you are not a fan of fresh vegetables, look for steamed and grilled options. Grilled vegetables are quite something, and many enjoy the texture and smoky flavor they come with.

4. Get adventurous with your order

The best steakhouses usually do not only offer steaks, just like here at Boa. Explore our menu thoroughly and try something completely new that may actually be healthier but just as pleasing to the palate.

A seafood dish is often a great alternative to a steak meal. How about trying Grilled Lochfyne Salmon with Cannellini Bean & Chorizo Cassoulet Sautéed Spinach, Sauce Vierge, and Herbs Salad? Sound fancy? It is a great offering to try as something visually pleasing — and taste-wise — actually, every aspect of this order complements the other. You certainly will not feel bad about opting for this fish dish.

5. Sample a little bit of everything

Everything is fine in moderation. Do not be so strict with yourself especially if dining out with your family at your favorite steakhouse is just a twice-a-month deal. Order something that goes with your healthy diet (the dish that you can eat more of) and other options for the entire family to share.

Taste a little bit of everything. This will take away the feeling that you are depriving yourself.

Have a healthy and delightful steak fix at Boa

See? It is possible to stick to your healthy routine and actually enjoy yourself when dining at a steakhouse. You just need to know your options and eat right.

So, for family dinners and special occasions, come to the Boa Steakhouse. We have carefully prepared dishes for all types of diners. Our commitment is your complete gastronomic satisfaction.